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Lead Educators

Judith Green

Judith GreenRobert Smyth Academy

 Judith Green teaches science at Robert Smyth Academy. She was awarded Advanced Skills Teacher status in 2002, for excellence in teaching, and has been designated as a Specialist Leader in Education by the DfE. In 2010 Judith was a winner of the Royal Society's Hauksbee Award in acknowledgement of her outstanding work in supporting STEM education.

Between Judith and Steve Althorpe, they have an impressive record of innovation in teaching and learning that has lead directly to deeper student understanding and increased student numbers in science

Judith and Steve were selected to present Teacher Masterclasses at NASA's 2009 Space Exploration Educators Conference at Johnson Space Centre in Texas.




A masterclass or CPD session delivered by Judith can include:

  • Space Out Spectroscopy: Atomic, UV/Visible, IR, NMR and Mass Spectrometry
  • Martian Chemistry: Inorganic and Quantitative Analysis
  • Rocket Reactions: Bond Enthalpies, Combustion Reactions and Collision Theory
  • Comet Kinetics: Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution and Activation Enthalpy
  • The Goldilocks Zone: Indicators and Acid Base Equilibria


 More information about Judith:

Royal Society Hauksbee Award

Steve and Judith's GCSE Chemistry Masterclass
Steve and Judith's A Level Masterclass


"Applying to become Lead Educators was one of the best professional decisions I could have made. The position is exciting, demanding and rewarding in equal measures. It's also really cool!"

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